The center of the Maximo experience, freed from limitations.

Start Center Enhancements for Maximo and SCCD

Reduce support time, provide smarter reports to all your users, deploy enhancements faster, increase performance and free users from repeating tedious tasks. More Information & Purchase   ▶

Let Maximo embrace the changes in your organization.

Change for Maximo

Adapt Maximo to the constant changes in your organization and leverage the power of classifications and specifications without the need of a technical expert. Growth is not just a matter of scale; it also involves change. Organizations rely on technical experts to constantly adapt Maximo to those changes. Enable users to apply changes in Maximo where it would otherwise require an expert. More Information & Purchase   ▶

A picture is still worth a thousand words.

Maximo Photo Catalog

Enhance your IBM Maximo Asset Management experience with pictures of assets, items, tools and labor. Human eyes are designed to identify objects visually, and Maximo Photo Catalog helps you take advantage this by providing images that complement the verbal information in the search results in Maximo. Maximo Photo Catalog will reduce human mistake, improve communication and support the training efforts in your organization. More Information & Purchase   ▶

Set a picture for all your items, tools, assets, etc. with one click

Maximo Photo Importer

Even though Maximo supports adding images to items and tools, there is a manual process involved in importing each image. With Maximo Photo Importer you will be able to mass import all your item images at once. More Information & Purchase   ▶

Improve the satisfaction of your service requesters

Maximo Feedback

According to your KPIs, most service requests are completed in the right time, but are they completed with an adequate quality? Maximo Feedback will give you visibility over the quality of the work performed using level of satisfaction over completed requests. More Information & Purchase   ▶

Extend Maximo's querying capabilities

Maximo Query+

The best friend of a Maximo administrator is... SQL. It's time to change this! Maximo Query+ extends the capabilities of Maximo in everything related to user queries, result sets and conditional expressions so that you don't have to leave Maximo and experiment with the database. More Information & Purchase   ▶

A complete guide to installing and configuring IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5

Book: Implementing Maximo 7.5

A complete guide to set up a typical installation of IBM Maximo 7.5 for an organization and to mantain and configure it with the best practices of the industry. More Information & Purchase   ▶