Consulting & Services

IBM Maximo Asset Management

Our knowledgeable team of technical and functional experts will enable your organization to fully utilize IBM Maximo Asset Management and to embrace a mature preventive maintenance programme that will lower costs and increase efficiency. Our comprehensive consulting approach ensures that your business goals are met and produce long lasting benefits to your organization by considering the needs of your organization’s key stakeholders and making them protagonists of a unified effort to attain the common requirements.

Infrastructure Planning

Our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current infrastructure (network, systems and software) and make recommendations so that it can be optimized for IBM Maximo. We will take into account the number of users, concurrent users, license types, number of purchasing and maintenance operations and other key indicators so that the final recommendation aligns with your business needs, strategy and long term goals.

Software Installation

Our technical experts will perform the installation and configuration of IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM Maximo, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database. Your organization will benefit in the long run from a professional installation of these enterprise solutions.

Business Process Analysis

Understanding which business processes will benefit the most from each IBM Maximo feature and what changes will have a greater positive impact in your productivity is crucial in order to optimize IBM Maximo and define long term goals and milestones for a gradual transition towards a mature preventive maintenance mode.

Data Analysis & Migration

We will gather, classify and standardize information relative to your items, assets and locations using the best practices in the industry.

We'll manage one of the most complex and error-prone parts of implementing any enterprise solution: migrating current and historical data to the new system. We'll gather data, transform and cleanse it as necessary and end up with a coherent system that will be easily maintained for a long time with the help of the business rules and standards that we'll develop together.

Configuration & Customization

We know IBM Maximo well and we’ll be able to configure the system to meet your needs. When unavoidable, we’ll develop customizations that truly fit your processes and enhance your business.

System Administration

We'll ensure IBM Maximo is up and running with the highest performance, and remove any obstacle that may appear. Your system will always have the latest security patches applied. Errors will be automatically reported and our experts will take care of them.


We’ll perform upgrades of IBM Maximo and IBM WebSphere Application Server with the safety of keeping all functionality, data and processes intact. When doing so, we'll help your organization benefit from the enhancements in the new versions.

Report Development

We’ll help you identify key performance indicators and develop meaningful reports for managers, supervisors and technicians that will help you improve your efficiency over time.

Automated Testing

Our team will work with you to create test scenarios and perform automated functional and performance tests to ensure a reliable IBM Maximo system from day one.


Empower your users to take full advantage of all the IBM Maximo applications they will have access to according to their roles. We’ll provide training for your users and help you develop manuals specific for your configuration and workflows.

System Integration

IBM Maximo is very powerful, but it is much more powerful when connected to your other enterprise applications. Our technical and field experts will consult with you and come up with the right integration solution for your business.

Maximo Add-ons

We strive to create great software that enhances the use of IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management and provides exclusive functionality for your users.

Maximo Photo Catalog

Enhance your IBM Maximo experience with pictures of assets, items, tools and labour that complement your search results. Maximo Photo Catalog will reduce the likelihood of human error, improve communication and support the training efforts in your organization.

Change for Maximo

Every IBM Maximo object has a unique and permanent identifier – items, assets, locations, etc. Since this ID must be both meaningful and effective for optimum productivity; it’s not simply a sequential number. What do you do when you need to update it? Change for Maximo allows you to safely modify the ID of any object in order to keep IBM Maximo and your data updated as your organization evolves. Read more...

Maximo Photo Importer

Although IBM Maximo supports adding images to items and tools, importing each image requires a manual process. With IBM Maximo Photo Importer you will be able to mass import all your item images at once, eliminating this labour-intensive task, reducing installation costs, and saving time for your organization. Read more...