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According to your KPIs, most service requests are completed in the right time, but are they completed with an adequate quality? Maximo Feedback will give you visibility over the quality of the work performed using level of satisfaction over completed requests.

Measure Quality

It's hard to measure the quality of the work performed. Maximo Feedback helps by calculating the perceived quality of a service request based on the feedback from the service requesters.

Increase Productivity

Upgrade assets that always create discontent in their users; track the perceived quality of the work performed by each technician; reduce the number of SRs by increasing their quality.


Users will be asked to enter their rating and feedback once their SRs are completed. Maximo Feedback can even send them an email with a link to the form.

Complete Reports

Summarized as well as detailed reports are bundled with Maximo Feedback that will let you track the changes in perceived quality over time per location, requester group, work group...

Enhanced Maximo Technology

Maximo Feedback enhances the technology already present in Maximo. If your records already have images, they will be used automatically.


Decide who enters and sees the feedback information according to your needs using the Security Groups in Maximo.



IBM Maximo 7.5.x or IBM SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5.x. Oracle, DB2 or SQL Server database. IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic.

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